F.A.S.T® Plates

Developed with the help of expert surgeons, the F.A.S.T.® plate range is used in the main indications in forefoot and midfoot surgery.


Characteristics and materials

F.A.S.T.® plates are available in 6 lateral or non-lateral versions:

  • MTP plates: 30 and 35 mm
  • Synthesis plates: 30 and 35 mm
  • Universal plates: 2 to 4 holes – 18, 26 and 30 mm
  • Basal plate: 35 mm – 3, 4 and 5 mm spacer
  • Lapidus plate: 35 mm – 2 and 3 mm offset
  • Revision plates: 45 mm

F.A.S.T.® plates can be fitted with two types of screw with 2 diameters:

  • Locking screws: Ø 2.7 and 3.2, from 10 to 30 mm (2 mm increments)
  • Non-locking screws: Ø 2.7 and 3.2, from 10 to 30 mm (2 mm increments)

F.A.S.T.® plates have the following characteristics:

  • Minimally invasive implantation: 30 mm-long plates
  • Trauma A-shaped: thin (1.5 mm), locking without screw head protrusion

Material: Titanium (TA6V ELI ISO 5832-3)/Sterile packaging


1 forefoot and midfoot plate kit


The FAST® plates range is intended for use in foot surgery. The indications are:

  • Setting fractures (osteosynthesis),
  • Arthrodeses,
  • Osteotomies, particularly in the following cases:
  • Hallux rigidus,
  • Hallux valgus,
  • Deformation caused by rheumatoid arthritis,
  • Post-traumatic osteoarthritis,
  • Neuro-muscular instability,
  • Surgical revision following the failure of previous operations.


  • Local or systemic acute or chronic infections (heart disease, uncompensated diabetes, regular hemodialysis, impairment of the immune system, etc.).
  • Severe muscular, neurological or vascular deficiencies affecting the extremity concerned.
  • Destruction or loss of bone quality, destruction or loss of bone quality or bad bone quality that could affect the stability of the implant.
  • Any affection that could contraindicate the use of a rigid fixation in general.
  • Addiction to drugs, alcohol, smoking or medication.
  • A patient’s intellectual incapacity to understand the surgeon’s instructions.
  • Systemic or metabolic issues.
  • Obesity, excess weight, intense activity, intensive sports training, falls.

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