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The MENIX Group is a French holding company which includes leading brands in orthopaedics, dental implants and craniomaxillofacial surgery.

It is a leader in the international orthopaedics (65% of revenue) and dental implants market.

For over 10 years, the group has achieved double-digit growth and now has over 350 employees.


The MENIX Group’s strategy involves taking a highly dynamic approach to the market.

The MENIX Group is known in the orthopaedic industry as the“inventor by proxy” of the dual mobility cup.

Recently, OneORTHO, a startup specialising in Digital Solutions for manufacturing 3D prosthetics, has enabled the MENIX Group to adapt to the latest digital developments.

All of the group’s companies have manufactured all of their products in France for over 40 years.



Since its creation in 2014, SERF Extremities has been part of the MENIX Group, a French holding company that brings together leading brands in orthopaedics, dental implantology and Cranio-Maxillo-Facial surgery.

We offer a wide range of implants manufactured in France and dedicated to the various pathologies of the foot in order to respond to as many indications as possible.


In 2012, the MENIX Group created GLOBAL D, formerly known as TEKKA, to focus on its dental implants business. GLOBAL D specialises in designing, manufacturing and marketing medical devices for maxillofacial, pre-implant and orthodontic surgery and for the dental implant market.

The company offers innovative treatments aiming to improve quality of life for patients and increase the predictability of surgical procedures. Its research and development department works closely with health professionals to develop completely new materials and implant designs. Its ultra-modern machines enable it to produce over 200,000 implants a year.

Specially dedicated teams provide a personalised service to distributors and users outside France, even on the other side of the world.


In 2015, OneOrtho Medical, a startup based in Saint-Etienne, France, and specialising in digital solutions, joined the MENIX Group.

It was one of 110 winners of the worldwide Innovation 2030 challenge introduced by the French government to support creators, innovators and risk-takers.

OneOrtho Medical makes it possible to design and manufacture joint implants and single-use surgical instruments using rapid manufacturing techniques such as 3D printing. Using bone and implant models, implants are sized to fit the patient’s anatomy, producing unique, personalised prosthetics and related instruments. A 3D reconstruction of the patient’s anatomy is made using 2D images from X-rays, MRIs, scans or a combination of these.


Founded in 1986, DEDIENNE SANTÉ specialises in designing, manufacturing and marketing its own brand of orthopaedic implants. Present in the arthroplasty and arthroscopy segments of the orthopaedic surgery market,DEDIENNE SANTÉ offers hip and knee prostheses and the related instrumentation, as well as a range of sports medicine implants.

Its knowledge is drawn from its research and development department, skills gained in the field and its experienced and motivated employees. DEDIENNE SANTÉ is a company on a human scale which is valued for its sense of service and close, long-term relationships with all of its partners. DEDIENNE SANTÉ works closely with health professionals on its development projects and has placed innovation firmly at the heart of its strategy for over 30 years.